Our Services

Video Chat & Hotline

Doctor7alan offers free medical consultation to everyone regardless of their location by using a dedicated mobile application where patients can video chat with a doctor or patients can call a doctor through a hotline.

Emergency & Basic

Doctor7alan has got you covered. Our GPs are online 24/7 to respond to your emergency cases (by calling an ambulance to your location for example) and non-emergency cases (by giving you preliminary diagnosis through video chatting).


Doctor7alan makes use of the Electronic Health Record which complies with WHO standards. It holds patients' data and can easily be transmitted across doctors, hospitals and labs.


Order Medication

Using Doctor7alan, doctors can send e-prescriptions to pharmacies, which show up on the web interfaces, making it easier and faster for patients to get their medications.

Book Lab & Doctor Appointments

In cases where further investigation is needed, our GPs can, after recognising a patient's symptoms, book lab & specialised doctor appointments nearest to you (or at home) via Doctor7alan.


Request Home Visit

Our GPs can request home visits for patients who are not able to leave the house, all through Doctor7alan with a click of a button.

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